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Water contamination is one of the basic problems of our environment. The causes may be absolutely different and include everything from agricultural runoff and overuse of household chemicals to harmful wastes from industries. There 75,000 known chemicals used by people. But this increasing amount either helps us or damages our health seriously.

At the beginning of the XX century a person had a one in 50 chance to come down with cancer. Clear water helps your body to absorbe and synthesize better natural appetite suppressants that you are using. Nowadays one in three is about to fall ill with cancer, and this data compounds one in two for men.

In drinking water there’re about 2,100 toxic elements. In every public water supply you can find thousands and thousands of chemicals that threaten our life. Researches have shown that two third of all cancers cases were caused by toxins that are embedded into our environment. To contaminate a large area of our world (ground, water, air, plants, animals) one day is more than enough. But it will take thousands of years to get rid of this contamination.

All the substances that go down the drain, that are used on our lawns, on our fields eventually get into drinking water and the water we use in everyday life.

Of course municipal water sources are equipped with water purification systems but they mostly remove only sand, sediment, while most synthetic chemicals are left behinds. Moreover chlorine is intentionally added fro disinfection.

A lot of new chemicals were introduced in our lives over the last decades but water purification technologies used in municipal water treatment facilities have hardly changed since the beginning of the previous century.

Many diseases can be directly linked to the use of public water. What is dangerous to adults can be fatal to children and infants. Being exposed to chemicals since an early age, the cells mutate and change the body’s construction and functioning seriously.

Some substances are not harmful taken separately. But in combination with other elements they form hazardous byproducts. Public water carries plenty of chemicals that react with each other producing elements extremely dangerous to people.

Cancer is becoming the main disease of the century. And about 90% of cancer cases are caused by the carcinogenic substances that we are exposed to while breathing polluted air, drinking contaminated water.

This risk can be seriously reduced on condition that additional measures are taken. Public Health Organizations take care about the pollution level all over the world. But every single person can take care about himself and his relatives. A simple way is to install water filters in your house and not rely on the public water purification systems completely.

Since there’s a great variety of water purification technologies and water filters, every person can choose the water filter he needs taking into consideration the effectiveness of water purification and the price.

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